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About Us

What is a Co-op Preschool?

Atascadero Cooperative Preschool is a unique, family-centered learning environment with a community of trusted adults working together for the education of each child.  Founded in 1963 by a group of parents who wanted to actively participate in their children’s education and development, today the school continues to operate by the parents of the children enrolled alongside the teacher/director.  The parents assist the professional teacher in the classroom on a rotating basis and participate in classroom activities.  Parent help is an integral and wonderful part of the school program and ACP is a product of all who share in it.   Each family shares in the operation of the school, thus making it truly a cooperative venture.

Participation at Atascadero Cooperative Preschool is a wonderful opportunity to be intimately involved in your child’s education and to become a part of an amazing community of families!

Teacher / Director

Savanah Evans-Hatcher 


Hello Atascaderians! I am Savanah Evans-Hatcher, head teacher and director of Atascadero Cooperative Preschool. I took over the school in February of 2024, and I am looking forward to what this year brings to my students, board, and community!

I have been in the preschool business for 10 years now, getting my start at Stepping Stones Preschool with Jamie Lemoine-Becerra back in 2014 and spending my last five years at Next Generation Child Development Center with Denise Juarez. 

I am currently an employee of Atascadero Unified School District as a substitute teacher, while I'm receiving my teaching credentials and masters from Umass Global.


When I'm not in the classroom or doing studies, I am at home as a wife and mother of 2! I enjoy watching movies, reading "girlie" romance books, and baking cupcakes. I love being apart of this community, as I was born and raised just up the road for our school.  If you know Rick Evans (Mr. Atascadero, local photographer, retired AUSD employee), then I'm sure you've seen me or my family before at events, in passing, and DEFINITELY on  his Facebook. (:

I'm excited to meet you, your child, and your family while you take this unique opportunity of parent participation, child care, and education. My three most important and expected things I have for this school are to HAVE FUN, to BE SAFE, and to BE APART OF COMMUNITY! 

Board of Directors

Atascadero Cooperative Preschool is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of current parents in leadership roles and the Director of the school.  They meet each month and make significant decisions including programs offered, tuition rates, enrollment, annual budget, fundraising events and more.


2023-2024 Board Members:

President – TBD

Vice President – TBD

Secretary – TBD

Treasurer – TBD

Purchaser – TBD

Fundraising Chairperson – TBD

Maintenance Supervisor – TBD

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