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Parent Resources

Parent Education is an important focus of Atascadero Cooperative Preschool.

Parents are able to gather together to learn skills to build strong and healthy families during meetings throughout the year. Parents work with the teacher to learn about child development and behavior, family relationships, healthy habits and more.


Additionally, we have have a parent education library available to our parents.  Parents are free to check out any book on a number of parenting and child development topics.

Other resources to support parents and families:  (A Year of Play)
Seasonal activities that promote your child’s development all through the year.  (Alliance for Childhood)
Prepares materials and advocates for regaining childhood, including play.  (American Academy of Pediatrics)
Position statements and handouts on a variety of child development issues. (California Council of Parent Participation Nursery School)
A non-profit council of preschools in the state of California that provides resources to parents and educators. (Center for Media Literacy)
Selects, evaluates, recommends, and sells quality media literacy teaching resources. (Central Coast Family)
A free monthly publication to connect central coast families together with resources.  (Central Coast Parent)
A free online publication for local parents. (Common Sense Media)
Reviews children’s media (films, TV and video games) in terms of age appropriateness. (Defending the Early Years)
Rallying educators to speak out on current policies that effect the education of young children. (Empowered By Play)
Helping families and teachers protect and promote imaginative play. (The Link Family Resource Center)
A full service family resource center.  (Mindful Mothers)
Families committed to raising children who are mindful of culture, environment and community.  (National Association for the Education of Young Children)
The nation’s leading voice for high quality early childhood education for children from birth to age 8. (Parent Cooperative Preschools International)
An international council dedicated to the family and the community, and recognizing the value of parents as teachers.
Information and resources for keeping your kids safe when they are on the move.  (SLO Parents Connection)
Parenting classes and family resources of San Luis Obispo County families.

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